DUCA helps build a Solar Powered Village

DUCA’s Innovation Fund installs home-based solar lights to 100 households.

DUCA Financial Services Credit Union Ltd. and the Christian Children Foundation of Canada have partnered in effort to alleviate poverty and create access to amenities in Africa, Asia, and South America. The Innovation Fund project building a Solar Powered Village, as voted by DUCA members and funded by DUCA Financial Services Credit Union Ltd., includes providing a mechanized, solar-powered borehole well, establishing dry season gardens, and installing home-based solar lights to 100 households.

CCFC’s local partner, Markaz Al Bishara, has met with local government stakeholders including the Local Government core team made up of the District Chief Executive, the District Coordinating Director, District Finance Officer, District Development Planning Officer the District Director of the Department of Social Welfare as well as representatives from local NGOs operating in the area, informing them and building awareness about the DUCA project and the expected outcomes.

Immediately after the campaign strategy was discussed, the CCFC team went to work to bring awareness of the new DUCA project and hosted an information session for the community. Over 200 community members participated in the session as they team outlined the:

  • Timeline of the project,
  • The households selected for the solar panels,
  • Receiving access to solar lights,
  • Site for the borehole well, and
  • Roles and responsibilities of the community in regards to the implementation of the project

The first phase of the project was to select a location for the drilling of the borehole, unfortunately, the drilling was unsuccessful as it failed to reach an adequate water supply. A re-assessment has been underway and a second drilling location has been selected. Once the borehole is established and functions accordingly, a selected supplier will install the solar lights for the households. The two projects will complement each other to create maximum social impact within the community.